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About Us

About Us

Established in 1971, Mitchell Physiotherapy has always endeavored to provide the highest quality professional service in an environment where clients feel valued and understood.

Our mission is to provide the community with a diverse range of state of the art Physiotherapy services.

Mitchell Physiotherapy has a range of products available which clients can use to improve their recovery.


Meet Our Team

Established for over 45 years. We continue to meet accreditation standards, and maintain our accreditation through QIP. All physiotherapists are members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). The Practice Principal is a working committee member for the APA.


Physiotherapy involves the treatment of human movement dysfunction. This can present as either pain or difficulty with certain activities.
We can help you with aches and pains, post-surgery recovery, returning to sport and maintaining wellness. At our clinics, we have physios with special interest in womens health, mens health & stroke rehabilitation.
No referrals needed; however, if you are referred by your doctor we will work with your health care team to speed your recovery.


Tendinopathies: Surgery vs Physiotherapy
There are many uncertainties over the exact pathophysiology of tendinopathies. With the emergence of new treatment modalities making decisions regarding mana...
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Understanding Yoga
Yoga is an ancient practice, with records indicating that it has been practiced in India some form for close to 4,500 years. Since being introduction to West...
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Pelvic Pain Course
This two-day course teaches skills in assessment and approaches in management of the patient with pelvic pain, and contributing factors to the presentation o...
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Tendinopathy: a runner’s achilles heel.
This weekend Mitchell Physiotherapy once again ran a pop up information stand at Maitland Parkrun. One of the most common injuries runners wanted to talk abo...
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Mulligan Headache Techniques
Mulligan Headache Techniques: Mulligan Therapy is a series of techniques designed to treat joint dysfunction. It has a number of different techniques, includ...
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Prolapse can be one source of pelvic pain. There are lot of women that sit in my office and tell me they experience a dragging sensation low and deep in the ...
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